Monthly Archives: December 2009

Dec 22 2009

Thanks, Phoenixville!

A big Thank You to everyone who put together this year’s Firebird Festival. We had a great time performing for a great crowd! This year featured an excellent drum circle, as well as performances from a variety of other dancers and artists. The bird itself was gorgeous, as expected, and looked absolutely wonderful as it burned.

The videos are starting to pile up on YouTube, so if you missed out head on over and see what you can find. Our favorite so far has to be this excellent piece by Mitch Martinez.

Dec 11 2009

Fire in Phoenixville Tomorrow

I’m so excited for the Firebird Festival Saturday night!  It’s a great community event where all are welcome.  We are going to be street performing earlier in the evening, which is one of my favorite for interacting with a crowd.  Mantis and I were there last year and it was so much fun, just dress for [...]