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Apr 29 2013

Off to a Great Start!

We’re just back from our first festival, Some Kind of Jam 8. Great live music throughout and a laid-back vibe made for an awesome start to the season. We couldn’t have had much better weather… Every day was clear, crisp, and comfortable and there weren’t even any clouds until Sunday. The nights got cold, but the folks at the indoor stage and the bonfire didn’t seem to mind.

There was a good selection of food, craft, and art vendors, and a very family-friendly vibe. We were set up next to the Kids Area, which offered a variety of activities and shows throughout the day and was generally a lot of fun to watch from over at our booth.

The fairgrounds themselves made for an excellent venue, with easy access to restrooms and water and plenty of space. Parking was on-site throughout the grounds, which made setup very easy for most folks.

The sound balance from the various stages was excellent! The lineup was staggered and volume adjusted such that the music really permeated every part of the venue without being overwhelming. Lots of acoustic jams sprung up throughout the grounds, so you were never far from a great sound.

Speaking of great sound, we got the chance to burn with some amazing bands and spinners on Friday and Saturday night! Spent most of the rest of the time hanging out at the booth and playing in our glow field. We were set up a couple hundred feet away from the main stage and the line of vendors between us and there gave us a nice, deep pocket of shadow for a good, strong glow.

Our most popular props this festival were poi and staff. We also did a fair amount of repair work, mostly to help a number of folks with quick tune-ups and replacement hardware prior to the performance on Friday.

Overall, we couldn’t have asked for a much better time! If you’re looking for a great festival to start your season with next year, this would be the one. It’s easily accessible, there’s a lot to do, and the music is great!

Thanks to everyone who helped us with a great start to our season! See you next week at May Flora Fest!