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Welcome to Smokey and Omni!

Well, you’ve seen them in our videos since this website went live a couple of months ago, but we’d like to take a moment to officially welcome Smokey and Omni to The Playing Mantis. Based in CT, they’re representing our northern contingent. You can find more information on them and bios on the “About Us” page.

We’ll also be listing their performances on our “Events” page, so you can check them out in action!

After Hours Halloween Vid

Halloween at Clinton Hill was the party that wouldn’t stop, and The Playing Mantis wouldn’t either! After the show we kept the stage lit for another few hours while the afterparty was rockin inside. Here’s a sample for anyone who missed it!

Halloween Video

“Mantis,” a number of you have asked me, “You keep telling us how awesome that gig in Brooklyn was on Halloween. Where are the videos?!”

Well, just for you, Omni put together this compilation of her strutting her stuff in Clinton Hill! Enjoy!

Thanks, Phoenixville!

A big Thank You to everyone who put together this year’s Firebird Festival. We had a great time performing for a great crowd! This year featured an excellent drum circle, as well as performances from a variety of other dancers and artists. The bird itself was gorgeous, as expected, and looked absolutely wonderful as it burned.

The videos are starting to pile up on YouTube, so if you missed out head on over and see what you can find. Our favorite so far has to be this excellent piece by Mitch Martinez.

Thanks to Kooma!

We’d like to thank Kooma and Paul Pruitt for an excellent Thanksgiving Eve.  The weather held out nicely for us outside, letting us burn to our heart’s content.
Inside, there was body painting going on in the back room, as well as a selection of delicious treats.  Despite the gluttony theme, there didn’t seem to be [...]