UV and Event Services

Looking to bring your special event to the next level?  In addition to Fire Performances we also offer a whole range of event planning services!

Our specialty is, without a doubt, UV lighting.  Our unique, modular approach is designed around saturation black lighting an area.  This allows us a great deal of flexibility in quickly putting nearly any space under shadow-less black light.  This ensures a consistent glow throughout the lighted spaces, meaning you’ll be able to see your guests grinning regardless of where they happen to be standing in the room.  The modular nature of our rig means we can adapt it to many different situations, including those difficult or impossible to black light before.  We’ve done UV parties at households, night clubs, warehouses, banquet halls, even outdoors!

Once the black lights are up, the next step is to fill your space with things that will look AWESOME under them!  Your guests will take care of most of that, and we can have them glowing even brighter with UV body painting.  Whether your looking for professional artists or supplies so your guests can go wild, we’ve got you covered.  Naturally, our performers LOVE being under this level of black light!  Not only is it a safe and easy way to bring a lot of the fun of fire performances indoors, there are a whole range of effects we can get out of UV props that are sure to amaze and entertain.

While you’re making your event visually stunning, don’t forget about sound!  If you know what you want to play, but need a way to play it louder, you can rent the same system we use for our larger events and festival spaces.  If you prefer to let someone else take care of the music we also work with a number of highly talented DJs who will keep your party rockin’!

Whether you want your event to be hot or cool, indoors or out, we can help you make it happen.  Give us a shout over on our Contact page and we’ll get started!